The show's over--Blockbuster shuts its doors for good

By Kevin Toal-SCDA News Staff

Sackville Drive has lost a major retailer with the demise of Blockbuster. Thanks to the popularity of movie downloading sites such as Netflix, the once dominant video retailer has gone out of business. 

I recall, only a few years ago, standing in line on the eve of a long weekend with a few cinematic selections in my hand. There were a couple of movies for the kids, a romantic comedy for my wife - which I would grudgingly watch - and at least a couple of horror films for my own personal viewing. 


As usual, despite the crowds, the staff remained cheery and helpful. Occasionally, I would find myself discussing new and old movies with the cashier. More often than not, I received a tip about a movie to check out (no pun intended). And, more often than not, the tip turned out to be bang-on. You just don’t get that kind of assistance online. 


Now, with final sale signs everywhere, the Villa Plaza Blockbuster location is closing its doors as technology takes another victim.  


With the prospect of deals on DVDs, video games, and other assorted goodies in mind, I found myself wandering the aisles alongside other like-minded bargain shoppers. As we moved through the store, like flies hovering over a fresh corpse, the familiar faces of the greeted us warmly even though we were profiting from their impending unemployment. 


“Any idea what will take over this location?” I asked the cashier, handing him my selection of discounted movies. 


“No idea,” he said. “But it’s a great location, so it won’t be empty long.” 


He had a point. Just as one technology is superseded by another, so too are the businesses that continue to reinvigorate Sackville Drive. I will miss Blockbuster and the staff who made each visit pleasurable, but I expect the next tenant will offer something fresh to the community. 

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