The Sackville Logo

Sackville LogoWe haven’t been able to find much history about the Sackville logo and so we would appreciate your help. If you know anything about the Sackville logo then please contact Paul Russell at


Here’s what we are sure of:

The logo was used on the Sackville Flag, and a number of these flags were sold by Fultz House. Unfortunately the company that made the flag has gone out of business, and so we’ve lost the history of who placed the order.

This logo was also used on an old crest by the Sackville Fire Department. A couple of the fire department patches can be seen in the board room of the Metropolitan Ave fire station.



The parts of the logo are:

  • The lumberjack, which signifies the long history that Sackville has with the lumber industry. This includes both the Barrett and the Hefler families.
  • The other person is intended to be a Mi’kmaq person. There seems to have been some controversy about this person since the characteristics of the drawing is different than the tribe that was located near Sackville.
  • The shield in the middle, with a depiction of the Sackville river flowing down the middle.


Here are some things we aren’t sure of:

1) “Pro Gredimur” is roughly translated from Latin to mean “We move forward”, which certainly describes what we are trying to do at the Sackville Community Development Association.

2) The colours of the logo are representative of the forest and the significant history of the lumber industry in Sackville.

3) The crown seems to have the letters SNSNSN underneath it, which could indicate Sackville, Nova Scotia, repeated.

4) The white flower could be a lily or daffodil.

5) The logo seems to have been developed by the Sackville Chamber of Commerce, which is distinct from the Sackville Business Association. has received a major update! has received a major update!

The web site has just received a major update. This is the first significant update in years.

We (the Sackville Community Development Association) wanted to make the site more friendly and more usable to those who live in and around Sackville, Nova Scotia. We have spent a lot of time looking at what has been used, looking at what could be done better, looking at some other sites, and looking at what we could add to the site. You are looking at the results of that work.


About the site and the SCDA

About the site and the SCDA

The web site is managed by the Sackville Community Development Association (SCDA). The SCDA is a group of volunteers that share the common interest of helping move Sackville forward as a community.

This site allows us to share community events, job postings (both volunteer and paid), community stories, have contests, and run polls.

The web site is only one of the things that we take care of. We also take care of:

  • A week of events around Canada Day, called Patriot Days. You can find out more about Patriot Days by clicking here.
  • We work with the Sackville Business Association to help with Sackville Snow Days. You can find out more about Snow Days by clicking here.
  • We have run various community contests, like Sackville Shines, choosing a name for the Sackville mascot; and choosing the Canada Day parade marshall.
  • We meet, quarterly, to talk about what we are doing, what we can use help with, and to look for ways that we can make Sackville a better place.

We are always looking for more help and more ideas of how we can make Sackville a better place, and we could use your help.

Please join the SCDA, or pass along your ideas, by contacting Paul Russell at (902) 830-5043 and at

Our upcoming meetings, for 2018, are on April 11, July 11, and October 10.

Thanks for visiting the site. We look forward to hearing from you.