The web site has just received a major update. This is the first significant update in years.

We (the Sackville Community Development Association) wanted to make the site more friendly and more usable to those who live in and around Sackville, Nova Scotia. We have spent a lot of time looking at what has been used, looking at what could be done better, looking at some other sites, and looking at what we could add to the site. You are looking at the results of that work.

With this site we have placed the community calendar on the home page. You can now instantly see what’s going on around town. If there’s an event or a meeting that you’d like to find out about then you just have to visit the site to see it. You can also easily add new events through a link on the home page or by clicking on the menu.

We have also added job postings, as an experiment. With this, you are able to see all of the paid and volunteer openings that are around Sackville. You can also get more detail by viewing the full job board,

We can also more easily have contests, run polls, have surveys, and much more. The possibilities of what we can easily add to the site are endless.

We look forward to seeing how the site will grow and develop from here.

If you find anything that doesn’t work quite right, or that could be added, or if you would like to contribute to the site, then please contact Paul Russell at